Nokia 3361 - Learn about call forwarding feature codes

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Learn about call forwarding feature codes

Your network requires separate codes for activating and cancelling the
various types of call forwarding. Your carrier should provide you with the
necessary feature codes for these network services.

Once you store these feature codes in your phone, they are sent automatically
to the network when you select one of the call fowarding options from
your phone’s menu.

Your phone can store the following types of feature codes:

Feature code type


Forward all calls

Forwards all incoming calls.

Forward if busy

Forwards calls only when you’re on your phone.

Forward if not

Forwards calls if you don’t answer.

Forward if out
of reach

Forwards calls if you are out of reach of your
wireless network or if your phone is turned off.

Cancel all call

Cancels all forwarding options that are
currently active.

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