Nokia 3361 - 2 Choose from the following options.

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Choose from the following options.

Touch tones

Allows you to manually enter a touch tone string
(series of tones) or search for a string in your phone

New call

Allows you to create a new call while in a call

End all calls

Ends all active calls


Allows you to use the phone book. Once you open
the phone book, pressing

will not close the

phone book, but it will end the current call


Takes you to the main menus


Mutes the phone’s microphone. If your phone’s
microphone has already been muted, Unmute appears
instead of Mute. Press Select to choose either of
these options.

These options can affect the microphones of any
accessories connected to the phone.

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If you have

call waiting

, your phone beeps during a call to let you know

that someone else is calling you. Depending on your caller ID setup, the
phone might also show the number of the incoming call.

Call waiting is not available in all wireless systems. Before you can use call
waiting, you must contact your service provider to make sure this feature
is available and turned on for your phone. Then you may need to activate
the call waiting feature.

Store the call waiting feature code


Press Menu 4-6-2 (Menu > Settings > Network services > Network
feature setting


Enter the feature code your service provider gave you and press OK.


Scroll to Call waiting and press Select.


Make sure that Activate is highlighted and press Select.