Nokia 3361 - Keys and tools for predictive text

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Keys and tools for predictive text



Keys with

Use for word entry. Press each key only once for each

Press to view the next matching word if the underlined
word is not the word you intended. To change the
underlined word, press

repeatedly until the word

you want appears. You may also, press and hold this key
for a list of symbols.


If predictive text doesn’t recognize a word, you see
Spell above the left selection key. Press Spell, enter the
word you want to enter, and press Save.

Press once to accept a word and add a space.

Press and hold to enter a number. You see the

icon on the screen. Press and hold

again to write

text letters.


Press once to delete the character to the left of the cursor.

Press to add a punctuation mark.

Press once quickly to switch the letter case.

indicates uppercase.

indicates lowercase.


The maximum number of characters available. The
character counter appears in the top right corner of the
screen and counts down for each character you add.

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