Nokia 3361 - • Learn the keys

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Here is a summary of how to use the keys.


How to use it

Power: Press and hold to switch the phone on or off.

Press briefly to access the list of profiles.

Selection: Press to choose the option shown by the
word above the key (for example, Menu).

Talk: Press to make a call to the name or number
shown on the screen or to answer a call. Press

once at the Start screen to view the first in a list of
numbers you’ve most recently dialed.


to review the list. Press

again to call a

number shown on the list.

End: Press to end a call or to silence the ring from an
incoming call. Also, press to return to the Start screen.


Number: Use keys 2 through 9 to enter numbers and


if you want to insert a blank space while

entering text.

1 Key: Press and hold

to call your voice mailbox.

Symbols: Press to enter special characters, such as
punctuation marks and symbols.

Scroll keys: Press to scroll up or down through a menu
list of options.

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Review the basics


Use this quick guide to make and answer calls.

Switch the
phone on (or

Press and hold the power key


Warning: Do not switch on the phone
when wireless phone use is prohibited or
when the phone may cause interference
or danger.