Nokia 3361 - 4 Take out the battery.

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Set up your phone


With your phone turned off, charge your new battery for three hours
before its first use. Use the battery until it is fully discharged. Repeat
this procedure twice for a total of three charging cycles.

Battery operation time may be less than estimated times during the
first charges. This condition is normal.

When the battery is fully discharged, the scrolling bars may not
appear immediately.

After the first charge, you can make and receive calls during the
charging cycle, but the calls interrupt the charging. When the phone
call ends, the charging will resume.

The bars on the screen stop scrolling and remain constant when the
phone is fully charged. If you leave the phone connected to the
charger, the battery receives an additional charge.

Note: The battery will accept a “trickle charge” for an additional
two hours. See “Reference information” on page 121 for more
information on batteries.

Charging time depends on the charger and battery used. See “Batteries”
on page 131 for charging, talk, and standby times.


A NiMH battery may last longer and have better performance if you fully
discharge it from time to time. To discharge your battery leave your phone
switched on until the battery drains completely and the phone turns itself
off. Ignore any messages to recharge your battery and let the battery
completely discharge