Nokia 3361 - A few practical rules for accessory operation:

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A few practical rules for accessory operation:

Keep all accessories out of the reach of small children.

When you disconnect the power cord of any accessory, grasp and pull
the plug, not the cord.

Check regularly that any vehicle-installed accessories are mounted
and are operating properly.

Installation of any complex car accessories must be made by qualified
personnel only.

Use only batteries, chargers, and accessories that have been approved
by the phone manufacturer. The use of any other types could
invalidate any approval or warranty applying to the phone and could
be dangerous.

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This section provides information about the phone’s battery. Be aware
that the information in this section is subject to change.

Note: Dispose of used batteries in accordance with any local

The tables shown in this section provide information about battery options
that are available for your phone, charging times with the Rapid Travel
Charger (ACP-8U), the Standard Travel Charger (ACP-7U), talk times, and
standby times. Consult your service provider for more information.

Charging times

The charging times listed below are approximate.

Standby and talk times

Battery talk and standby times are estimates only and depend on signal
strength, network conditions, features used, battery age and condition
(including the effect of charging habits), temperatures to which the
battery is exposed, use in digital mode, and many other factors. Please
note that the amount of time a phone is used for calls will affect its
standby time. Likewise, the amount of time that the phone is turned on
and in standby mode will affect its talk time.

Battery Option

ACP-7U Charger

ACP-8U Charger

BMC-3 900 mAh NiMH

Up to 4 h

Up to 2 h