Nokia 3361 - 22 Glossary

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22 Glossary

Business card

A business card is the same as an entry in the phone
book. It may contain a name, phone number, and text
entry. It can also be sent to other devices.

Call forwarding

A network services feature you use to forward incoming
calls to another number.

Call lists

A list used to track numbers for incoming, outgoing,
or missed calls.

Call log

A log that registers information about calls you make
and receive.

Call timers

Timers used to track the amount of time you spend
on calls.

Call waiting

A network services feature that enables your phone
to beep while you are in the middle of a call. The beep
lets you know that someone else is calling you.

Electronic serial

The identification number that is assigned to the phone.

In-call options

Features available for use while you are in a call.


Locks the keypad to prevent accidental keypresses.

Keypad tones

The tone you hear when you press a key.


A list of choices you can make to change settings on
your phone or use various phone features.

Number type

A location for a specific type of number, such as a
Home or Work number.

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Predictive text

A method of entering information in your phone that
uses a dictionary to predict, or guess, what you are

Primary number The number your phone dials when you select a name

from the phone book that has more than one number
assigned to it.


A group of settings you can use to customize the way
your phone works.

Quick save

A fast method for saving a number.

Ringing tone

The sound your phone makes when you receive a call.
Ringing tones can be ringing sounds or short tunes.

Scroll bar

A bar that appears on the right side of the screen when
you scroll through the main menus.


The quick way to say short message service.

Start screen

The idle screen that appears when you turn on your


The technical name for predictive text.


A template is like a form letter-something you can use
many times.

Voice mail

A network services feature that enables people who
call and miss you to leave a voice message on your

Warning tones

Sounds your phone makes when error conditions and
confirmations occur, when the battery is low, and
when you need to recharge the battery.

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