Nokia 3361 - 21 Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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21 Frequently asked questions


This section lists and answers the questions phone users most frequently ask.

Some of the answers tell you to use menu shortcuts. For a complete listing
of these shortcuts, refer to “Shortcuts” on page 25.

Q. What is my security code?

A. The default security code is 12345. However, Nokia recommends that

you change this code immediately. Certain features can be used only
after the correct security code has been successfully entered.

Q. How do I lock the keypad?

A. You can lock the keypad by pressing Menu >

. The term


is also used in connection with this feature.

Q. How do I unlock the keypad?

A. Press Unlock and then press

. The term Keyguard is also used in

connection with this feature.

Q. How do I make the ringing louder?

A. Press Menu 3-1-2-3 (Menu > Profiles > Normal > Customize >

Ringing volume), then choose a volume level.

Q. How do I change the ringing tone?

A. Press Menu 3 (Menu > Profiles) and scroll through the list of profiles

until you find the one for which you want to set the ringing tone.
Then press Select.

Highlight Customize and press Select.

Scroll to Ringing tone, then press Select.

Scroll through the options. After you hear the tone you want to
use, press Select.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q. How do I store my voice mailbox number?

A. Press Menu 01-9-2 (Menu > Messages > Voice messages > Voice

mailbox number), enter your voice mailbox phone number, and press OK.
The screen tells you that the number is saved.

This voice mailbox number is valid unless your phone number changes.
If your phone number changes, you will have to save a new voice
mailbox number.

Q. How do I call my voice mailbox number (retrieve voice messages)?

A. When your phone alerts you to new voice messages, press Listen and

follow the instructions on the phone. If you’d rather listen to your
messages later, press Exit.

To listen to your voice messages at a later time, perform one of the
following actions:

Press and hold


Press Menu 01-9-1 (Menu > Messages > Voice messages >
Listen to voice messages
). Follow the voice prompts to review your

Q. How do I find my phone’s model number?

A. Turn your phone off, then remove the battery from the phone. The

model number is printed on the label under the battery.

Q. How do I redial the last-dialed number?

A. Press

twice, quickly.

Q. How do I assign a key to 1-touch dialing?

A. Press Names and scroll to 1-touch dialing.

Press Select. Use


to scroll to the first number that

includes the message (empty) and press Assign.

Enter or recall the name/number you want to assign this key and
press Select. Repeat these steps as many times as necessary.

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Q. How do I find out the amount of space I have used in my phone’s


A. Press Names and scroll to Options.

Press Select.

Scroll to Memory status and press Select again. Your memory status

Q. How do I find my phone’s electronic serial number (ESN)?

A. Turn your phone off, remove the phone’s back cover. See “Install the

battery” for more information. The ESN number is printed on the label
under the battery.

Q. How can I change the contrast of my phone’s display?

A. Menu 4-3-5. See “Adjust screen contrast” on page 15.

Q. How do I clear my call timers?

A. WARNING: The clearing of call timers cannot be undone.

Press Menu 2-5-6 (Menu > Call log > Call timers > Clear timers).
When the security code box appears, enter your security code and
press OK.

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