Nokia 3361 - Delete a viewed business card

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Delete a viewed business card

While viewing the business card, press Options.

Scroll to Discard, then press Select.


You can download (transfer) up to ten ringing tones to replace the personal
entries in your list of tones.

Ringing tones

can be ringing sounds or short

tunes. For details about this network service, contact your wireless service
provider, who can also point you to Web sites that offer these tones.

Note: If you press Exit at any time before you save the ringing
tone, the message Discard received ringing tone? appears. You
have the option of OK or Back.

Receive a ringing tone

If you have this service and your phone receives a downloaded ringing tone,
your phone shows the message Ringing tone received.


Press Options.

You have the options of Playback, Save tone, and Discard.


Scroll to Playback and press Select.

The phone plays the ringing tone until you press Quit.