Nokia 3361 - • Use your phone while traveling

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When your phone is outside its home area, the phone is said to be roaming.
Calls made or received while you are roaming may cost more than calls
made in your home area.

When your phone begins roaming, the phone beeps once and may show
the word ROAM on the phone’s screen, depending on how roaming
works with your phone.

When your phone is not roaming, it either shows the word HOME or
the name of your service provider.

When you’re roaming in some systems outside your home area, the
system in which you’re traveling (the host system) may not recognize
your phone. You may not be able to place a call.

Contact your service provider for more specific information on how roaming
works with your phone and for information about coverage limitations.


Your phone automatically searches for available networks
and chooses the appropriate one. Every time you turn
on your phone, it resets to Automatic.


The phone searches for networks and then shows a list
of the ones that are available. If an available network is
found, the word Available: appears on the screen followed
by the name of the network. To choose the network
listed, press OK.

New search Your phone begins a new search for both private and

residential systems. When it finds the best system
available, the phone shows the system name.

If the phone doesn’t find another system, the question
Perform an extended search? will appear. Press OK if
you wish to continue searching.

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