Nokia 3361 - 15 Set network services features

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15 Set network services features

You can subscribe to various network services. Availability depends on
your service provider. Your phone supports the network services listed
here. These services are not available from all providers or in all areas.

Voice privacy

Call waiting

Call forwarding

Sending own number

Feature code: When you subscribe to any of these services, your service
provider gives you a feature code that activates each service. Deactivation
codes are used to deactivate each service. After you store the appropriate
code, your phone sends the code to the network to verify that you’re using
the correct feature code.

Menus for network features: Menus for the services described here appear
on your phone only after you’ve stored the appropriate feature code. You can
use these menus to activate and deactivate the network services.

Voice privacy: The voice privacy feature does not require you to store a
feature code before using it.

More than one number? If your phone has more than one phone number
assigned to it, stored feature codes apply only to the primary phone number.


You can choose how your phone selects a network to use. Your phone may
not show the options described here. For information, contact your service