Nokia 3361 - Answer a call while Keyguard is active

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Answer a call while Keyguard is active

During an incoming call, the keypad automatically unlocks.



to answer the call.

After you end the call, Keyguard automatically becomes active again.

If you need the phone’s lights while Keyguard is on, press the Power
key to quickly switch the lights on for 15 seconds.

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Manage phone security


You can restrict incoming and outgoing calls. To restrict calls, you create
a list of numbers and apply the appropriate restriction.

Before you define restrictions for outgoing calls, two restriction options
are available: Select and Add restriction. The maximum number of call
restrictions you can define is ten.

Note: When calls are restricted, calls may be possible to certain
emergency numbers in some networks (for example, 911 or other
official emergency number).

Add a number to the call restriction list

You can create a list of restrictions for both outgoing and incoming calls.


Press Menu 4-5-1 (Menu > Settings > Security settings > Call


Press Select, enter your security code, and press OK.


Scroll to Restrict outgoing calls or Restrict incoming calls, then
press Select.


Scroll to Add restriction, then press Select.


Enter the number you want to restrict, or recall the number from the
phone book, then press OK.


Enter a name for the restriction, then press OK. If you press OK
without entering a name, the number will be used.