Nokia 3361 - • Change your security code

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12 Manage phone security

Your phone has a versatile security system that is intended to prevent
unauthorized use of the phone.

You cannot activate or use certain phone features without having first
successfully entered your phone’s security code.

The default (preset) security code is 12345.

Nokia highly recommends that you immediately change this code. Then,
write down and store the new code in a safe place, away from your phone.

•When you enter the security code, a * appears on the screen each

time you press a key. The * prevents others from seeing your code.

•If you enter the wrong security code five times in a row, your phone

won’t accept any entries for the next five minutes. However, if
you realize that you’ve entered the code incorrectly before pressing
OK, use Clear to erase the code, digit by digit.


It’s a good idea to change your security code so that others who know the
default code cannot enter the correct code.